Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation - Who needs sleep?!

Since school got out (a month and a half ago) I've been pretty busy. Obviously I've taken up couponing and I think I've finally got the hang of it. While I was in Idaho I showed my mom the ropes and ended up buying 20 boxes of cereal for about $30.00. I'd have to subtract items from the actual receipt to get the exact total, but that's pretty close. The price per ounce was all between $.06 and $.08!! I was pretty proud of myself : )

I also began selling Park Lane Jewelry. So, while I was up North, I held two parties at my sisters' houses. I'm hoping that business will "pick up" after everyone is home from vacation and no longer spending money on travel. We'll see.

I also helped plan a family reunion for my mom's side of the family. We were in charge this year and wanted to "spice" things up a bit. My SIL suggested that we do some kind of game show - like the newlywed game. I knew my aunts and uncles wouldn't really want to be put on the spot that much, so I ended up changing the format into a family history quiz bowl. We had two teams of 5 and held three rounds - so I guess we actually had 6 teams! I came up with "buzzers" for each team - one team had $1 recorders from Walmart and the other team had freezer jam jars with beans inside to shake. Just a suggestion if you like the idea - the shakers don't make noise as quickly as the recorders, so there was some contention among the older players (the aunts and uncles!! I think it was leftover from childhood - lol) - so maybe Taboo buzzers and recorders. It was helpful for each team to have a different sound!

In short - I spent ALOT of time on the road and playing with children. I had a few headaches and hardly any sleep. So, since my return I've been a little sick - today's special - Sinuses :(

I've come up with a couple of story ideas and have discovered a few new books - and rediscovered a series I started a few years ago - I 'll be back with my experiments in the quest soon.