Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love the Coupons!!

Yesterday I went shopping with my "new" coupon program and here are the results:

Target: spent $31.22
           saved $25.35 (45%)
I made 2 transactions and used 7 coupons. I earned a $5.00 gift card from the first transaction which I applied to the second.

It may not look like much, but the water filters are usually 3 for $20 and I got them for $9.00!! The Chex Mix was on clearance and I saved $1 on the two bags, but it was still a little expensive. All in all, a good haul!!

RiteAid: spent $29.13
            saved $16.70 (36%) and earned $9.98 in UpRewards to spend later
            + both of the conditioners I purchased (for free w/ rewards bucks) have manufacturer's rebates for the full purchase price - and there is no limit listed. I'm not sure if they'll honor both, but getting them for free and then getting a rebate for one of them is still a GREAT deal.
My only regret is that I wish that I had checked the price for the Eucerin at Target. I knew it was more expensive sure by how much. I bought it on sale and with two coupons - it was the same as buying at Target, not on sale, with the coupons. I still saved money, just not as much. I would have spent next to nothing if I hadn't bought the Eucerin :(


  1. Don't you have the app for your phone where you can scan the item and it will tell you how much it is at other stores?

  2. This week I earned $15 in UpRewards because of the Eucerin purchased last week. So, I guess I saved a lot after all!!